Thursday, October 15, 2009

Online Publishing, Part III

I had a new short story published last week--only there was a problem with the hypertext link and when you clicked on my work you got someone else's. Ah, the perils of online publishing! But it's all been put to rights, and now you can read my latest, titled "Princess."

This is a revised version of a story I worked on and then set aside a long time ago, but I think it's still fresh. I'm one of those writers who like to have multiple projects gestating at once, then I'll plunge into a particular piece, finish it, and have the others waiting for me when I'm done. I never wrote scholarship that way (too confusing), but it feels right for fiction: just confusing enough to keep the creative juices flowing.

By the way, you can leave comments on the site, if you're so inclined. I'd love to hear what you think, either through that avenue or through this blog.

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