Wednesday, September 1, 2010

War and Piss

So the war in Iraq is over. Let the celebration begin!

Never mind the hundreds of thousands of lives lost or ruined, the hundreds of billions of dollars wasted, during its seven-year run (almost two of which took place under Obama's watch).

Never mind that the drawdown of troops in Iraq is directly related to, and will be more than offset by, an escalation of combat in the equally unjustifiable and unwinnable war against Afghanistan.

Never mind that these twin wars helped leverage policies of illegal detention and interrogation ("torture" to the layman) that the Obama administration continues to practice.

Never mind that the antiwar movement in this country is dead, killed by its own and the general public's foolhardly faith that Obama would bring us Peace in Our Time.

Never mind any of that. I'm gonna grab me the first civilian gal I can find and plant a big public smooch on her for the cameras.

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