Thursday, July 15, 2010

Prose in Print

Though I've spoken favorably in previous posts of the immediacy and accessibility of online publishing--and though I don't retreat from those sentiments--the fact is, I'm a child of print publication, and it's not so easy to overcome thirty-plus years of loving the printed word. (Plus, a few recent negative experiences with the internet, including a cousin's having his email account hacked into, have dampened my enthusiasm for the medium, at least for the moment.) So though I'm not ruling out online publishing--in fact, an essay and a short story of mine will appear in electronic form before the year is out--I've focused lately on placing my work in print venues.

And I've been fairly successful thus far. In the past few months, the following works have been accepted for print publication:
  • A short story having to do with the Holocaust, titled "Liberation." It should be out any day now in the journal Permafrost.
  • A horror story, referenced in an earlier blog entry, "The Burning of Sarah Post." It will appear, appropriately enough, around Halloween in the anthology Cover of Darkness.
  • A science-fiction tale set in deep space, titled "Frogsong." It was just accepted for publication in the anthology Farspace 2, and should appear around September.
  • A memoir, "Racist Like Me," having to do with my early experiences of integrated education. It'll come out in the inaugural issue of Smash Cake Magazine, publication date yet to be announced.

So there you have it. I know that print publishing makes one's work more difficult to find and more costly to procure, but if you've been following this blog and are eager for more--or if you've just happened upon it and like what you see--I hope you'll keep an eye out for these and other works in the future.

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