Monday, January 11, 2010

The Tale of the Tales

Well, my fiction credits continue to accumulate--I had another short story accepted for publication, this one by Trillium Literary Journal. (The story is due out later this year.) And I'm still waiting to hear about three pieces I'm shopping around, two fantasy/horror stories and one memoir. I hope to have more to report in the near future.

Since none of my recently accepted pieces has appeared yet, however, I thought I'd link you to a story I published a while back, "Azav," which was published in the journal SNReview. This story is, I believe, the most realistic piece I've ever written--no discernible fantasy elements, or perhaps it would be better to say that the story concerns what happens when a young person's fantasies collide disastrously with reality. I'm working on another story that operates in a similar register, though the disjunction between fantasy and reality is played for greater comic effect in that one, I think. In "Azav," as you'll see, I play it straight.

You can order copies of this journal, by the way--always a nice thing to do. I don't get any royalties, so my motives are pure: keeping literary journals alive.

Oh, and in answer to the inevitable question--"Is this story autobiographical?"--I tell people, "In part." But I'll never tell which part!

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